The Humans – Curious Theatre Company 2018

“Jason Ducat provides such an intentionally nerve-jangling sound design that the sonic effects so integral to the piece, almost become another character.”- David Marlowe, Marlowe’s Musings

All My Sons – Arvada Center 2018

“Jason Ducat who creates the eerie sounds of both the past and present. Together their works foreshadow what is to come without the use of the spoken word.”- Emilee Hatfield, Riley Reels

Troilus and Cressida – Colorado Shakespeare Festival 2016

“Special note needs to be made of the many fight scenes…and the blaring horns and incessant drums of Jason Ducat’s sound design. When its time to get down to the business of combat, the sound fills the stage with an infectious energy and sense of...

Murder on the Orient Express – Arvada Center 2020

“It is, however, Jason Ducat’s sound design which gives us our auditory ticket. His is perhaps the most evocative sound design this reviewer has experienced in several years. Mr. Ducat’s sonic choices took this reviewer back half a century to European travel by...